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Spotlight on… Carla Regler

5th December 2016

Would you like to get to know our Professional photographers better? Our new weekly feature will do just that ... 

This week's 'Spotlight on' is Carla Regler! 

★How long have you worked for L&L?

"I joined in late 2014 after a very unexpected phone call from Charlie asking if I'd like to be part of the team! Will never forget that phone call!!"

★When did you discover photography?

"5 years ago when moved to Cornwall to open a cafe/restaurant in Porthleven and fell in love with seascape photography."

★Which camera do you use?

"I've tried many canon cameras, never started with film and went straight into digital. I've now finally settled with the canon 5d Mark 4..... for now anyway..."

★Favourite place you’ve visited?

"Lofoten in Norway, this place pulls me back every year, it's the most beautiful place, little fishing huts, big mountains and snow - what's not to like!! (Ps we have a trip running in February!!)"

★What’s your favourite image of yours? 

"Caught in the snow, taken on a recent trip for Light and land to Iceland. This little red hut has been hard to get, I've driven the mountain pass many times but never had the light... until this time the light was perfect!"

★What’s your favourite food?

"Pasta, any way, everyday!"

★If you could be any animal what would it be?

"Horse, to have the ability to run at the speed they can, beautiful to watch."

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