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Spotlight on… Clive Minnitt

1st March 2017

Would you like to get to know our Professional photographers better? Our new weekly feature will do just that ... 

This week the Spotlight is on Clive Minnitt!

✭ How long have you worked for L&L?

"In 2002 I led my first Light & Land tour to Barcelona and the Pyrenees with my good buddy and colleague, Phil Malpas. We’ve built up a great working relationship and, most importantly, enjoy working together and have lots of fun. The forthcoming Sark tour will be my 83rd tour as a leader.

My first tour as a participant was in January 1997 when I joined Charlie Waite on his tour to Venice. It was hugely enjoyable and extremely influential in furthering my dream to earn a living through photography."

✭ When did you discover photography?

"During 1988-91 I backpacked around the world for two and a half years, enjoying taking ‘holiday snaps’ en route. I can clearly remember a light-bulb moment whilst on board a boat travelling around the Galapagos Islands when I knew I wanted to be a photographer. I was brought back to earth when I eventually returned home and saw the images I’d taken on the trip for the first time. They were very disappointing. Not to be deterred I spent the next 6 years practising and improving my photographic skills in my spare time until I jumped in at the deep end and became a full-time photographer on Jan 1st 1997. Eureka! "

✭ Which camera do you use?

"Currently two Fuji cameras, X-T1 and X-T2. They’re great quality, compact and I’ve become much more productive since using them. Oh, and a small camera I purchased in a craft market in Cuba. It’s made from beer cans and when I press the ‘shutter’ there’s a surprise in store for anyone in the firing line"

✭ Favourite place you’ve visited?

" I don’t have an out-and-out favourite. Both travelling and photography are in my blood and I can be blown away by the wide range of different types of light and subject matter wherever I am in the world. Unexpected adventures and meeting incredibly interesting people can make a trip extra-special too. Although I love ALL the destinations I visit with Light & Land I get a real buzz out of the incredible contrast between consecutive tours e.g Myanmar in February and the Isle of Sark in April: Scotland’s North Coast 500 in October and Vietnam in November – all simply amazing places to photograph. "

✭ What’s your favourite image of yours? 

"Oo-er, it’s almost impossible for me to choose. However, I do have a soft spot for an image that gave me a lot of satisfaction when I pressed the shutter. (See below) It was taken on the incredibly photogenic Greek Island of Santorini and I took great care with my timing. There are two light sources – a tungsten light bulb which emitted the warm colours, and a cooler, ambient light from a breaking dawn. The crucial part on the image are the shadows falling onto the wall of the urn. Minutes after making his image the tungsten light was switched off, the shadows disappeared and as a result this particular composition lost its appeal."

✭ What’s your favourite food?

" My late, dear mother’s home-made blackberry and apple crumble and custard – I can still taste it – yummy x millions! "

✭ If you could be any animal what would it be? 

" A duck-billed platypus – I’ve been lucky and seen them in the wild and they had a LOT of fun! I’ve often wondered if they have any vacancies."

See all of Clive's upcoming tours and workshops here. Including a brand new tour North Coast 500 in October!

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