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Almond Blossom and Architecture - Andalucia Photography Tour

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  • 05th - 13th February, 2025

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Our Andalucia photography tour 'Almond Blossom and Architecture' will take place in February 2025 and will be led by Astrid McGechan.

Andalucia is arguably the most exotic and stunning region in all of Spain. With its remarkable architecture and breathtaking landscape, the region has evolved into a wonderful amalgam of Moorish culture and recent Spanish tradition.

Join Astrid on our small group tour (maximum 6) to this incredible destination and benefit from her knowledge of the best places to photograph.

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Almond Blossom and Architecture - Andalucia Photography Tour

Almond Blossom and Architecture - Andalucia Photography Tour
Every year in February, the hills and valleys of the magnificent Las Alpujarras become clothed in a sea of pale pink blossom as hundreds of thousands of almond trees burst into life with a truly memorable show that can be seen from many kilometres away. 

Our photography tour is as much for the ubiquitous almond blossom as it is for the remarkably pleasing architecture to be found throughout the region. The images that we make will be our prize and will express our sense of wonder that such beauty could be found in both the glorious architecture and the sea of almond blossom that rolls out in front of us.

Andalucia Landscape Photography Tour
Andalucia Blossom Photography Tour
Almond Blossom and Architecture - Andalucia Photography Tour
Almond Blossom and Architecture - Andalucia Photography Tour

If this rugged landscape could speak, it would testify to untold battles and conquests by both Moors and later Christian forces. This is the southernmost region of Spain. Less than 200 kilometers away lies Africa – little wonder that the Moors invaded and swept across Andalucia. These remarkable people left behind some of the finest architectural examples of their refined culture. Andalucia stretches from Huelva in the west to the Sierra de Los Filabres and Lorca in the East. Many regard Granada and the fabulous high Sierra Nevada (standing at 3,482 metres) as the hub of this astonishing region. The first view of the Sierra Nevada, a majestic hunched spine of rock glistening with its mantle of snow in very early spring, is a memory that abides forever. The mountains seem to proudly guard the illustrious and beautiful city of Granada. Directly behind the great hulk of the Sierra Nevada lie the fertile hills and valleys of Las Alpujarras.

Being in the midst of the Alpujarras, it is inevitable that we will discover that pink blossom has featured in many of our images. It is hoped that early spring flowers will have emerged to complement the soft pink and it is very probable that we will visit and photograph pathways flanked with almond trees leading perhaps to plantations offering more regimented almond avenues.

Almond Blossom and Architecture - Andalucia Photography Tour
Almond Blossom and Architecture - Andalucia Photography Tour
Almond Blossom and Architecture - Andalucia Photography Tour
Almond Blossom and Architecture - Andalucia Photography Tour

We could not leave the ravishing acres of pink without seeing and photographing the jewel in Granada’s crown; the great Moorish palace, the formidable Alhambra. Its interior is mesmerizing; with intricately carved domed ceilings and arches offering wonderful opportunities for close up detail images of this stunning workmanship.

Ronda is the town that will always be spoken of in the same breath as Andalucia. Once a refuge for smugglers and brigands, Ronda has always been safe behind some of the steepest cliffs in southern Spain. Across the famous bridge that Ronda is so well known for, which divides the new town from the old Moorish quarter, we will find numerous opportunities for our photography, such as cobbled streets and delightful intimate palaces that are thought to have been built on Roman foundations.

Mighty Seville, the largest city and capital of the Autonomous Community of Andalucía, must be visited for its history and for the world-famous Plaza de Espana. This is the city that simply cannot be neglected for its Baroque, Moorish and Renaissance styles both within the Plaza and elsewhere.

Our tour will give us time to visit some of the Pueblos Blancos, the White Villages, many of whom sit in commanding positions atop hills, allowing us to photograph them within their surroundings as well as spend time roaming their atmospheric, narrow streets.

Places on this tour are limited to 6.

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