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David Ward

David Ward is one of Britain's most accomplished landscape photographers known for not only for his beautiful images but also for his philosophical thinking and writing. Many of you will know of him from his writings in the photographic press including Outdoor Photography, Photography Monthly and Amateur Photographer. He brings to his tours a vast breadth of knowledge - acquired working for advertising, design and publishing clients - presented in an accessible and humorous way.
Working with a large format camera, he has spent the last twenty years lugging 20 kilos of gear up fells at decidedly unsociable hours in search of that special moment to immortalise on film. He has travelled and photographed throughout the UK and beyond to Canada, the Colorado Plateau, Iceland, Norway, France and many other locations. Working to commission on walking and travel guides in the UK he contributed to nearly twenty books in the 1980's and early 90's. His recent personal work concentrates more on intimate details than the wide vista.
Although David has specialised in large format photography for over twenty years his emphasis in teaching is on the photographer's vision, rather than on what format is being used, and passes on his knowledge in a uniquely humorous and accessible manner. David's photographs are distinctive for their graphic simplicity and superb technical quality. He is particularly drawn to the heroic landscape of the southwestern United States and his work is informed and inspired by many of the great American landscape photographers of the last century.
David's first book "Landscape Within" - a philosophical look at photography, asking why we do things rather than how - was published by Argentum in the autumn of 2004. His second book, “Landscape Beyond”, discusses what he considers to the essential ingredients of a great image and was published in 2008.