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Charlie Waite - From the Archives Livestream

18th November 2020

On this weeks Livestream we were delighted to welcome Charlie Waite to discuss some images from his archives. This year has provided some time for reflection and it was interesting to chat with Charlie about how his work has evolved, some of his early inspirations and motivations, and some themes which run throughout his image making career. Thanks to all who joined in live, it provides a chance to interact and ask questions as we go which is great fun. If you are watching on catch-up we hope you enjoy this conversation with Charlie & Sam.

NEXT WEEK: Sam will welcome Sue Bishop and Charlotte Bellamy to the Livestream session to discuss 'Holland: Tulips, Windmills & more!' in anticipation of their April 2021 tour. We'll be covering some of the beautiful scenes that lay in wait during the spring in Holland.

HOW TO WATCH: As ever you can join in live via Facebook AND now we're also streaming direct to YouTube (no account needed) in full 1080HD so you can watch there live as well using this link.

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