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David has worked as a semi professional photographer since 2006 but went fully professional in 2009 after commissioned work opened the doorway. Although renowned for his work in the UK photographic media, he has built his career through selling stock imagery, now shooting exclusively for Getty Images. A trained teacher, he has compassion and understanding of the learning process, combining pace with simplicity. David's strengths lie in his versatility behind the camera and his speed to react to changing conditions. With a love of architecture and city life, his love of spectacular subjects extend outwards to the mountains without preference. 'Unlike other photographers, I am at home shooting in the frenzy of a capital city as I am in the wild.' His extensive knowledge of cameras, lenses and his renowned skills at photo editing software makes him a true technical specialist. David has a passion for 'adapted lenses' and shoots all manner of optics without prejudice. David writes for all of the UK's photographic publications on a regular basis. He has formed a solid readership with editorial staff due to his use of contemporary words to match striking and media based imagery. He is a regular contributor to Digital Photographer, Digital Camera, Practical Photography, Photo Plus, Photography Monthly, Digital SLR User, Practical Photoshop and more. David also writes extensively for Ephotozine, who publish his blogs, alongside equipment tests and travelling experiences.

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