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Luke is an English photographer and gallery owner with a love of the sea who lives and works in the beautiful waterside village of Bosham, on Britain’s south coast. He is hugely passionate about photography’s growing position within the art world and in 2012 he set up a photographic gallery on Bosham’s historic waterfront specialising in marine, landscape and wildlife photographs. Luke has a very keen eye for what sells and why, and personally represents some of the world’s leading photographic artists. He has an established record of running successful exhibitions that frequently outsell the London galleries, and has developed a growing list of collectors on the south coast.

In 2016 Luke and his team established a series of training workshops to help aspiring professionals make the big leap to securing full gallery representation on and achieving their first commercial sales. “We are a growing photography community and as a gallery we are just as interested in bringing on the next generation as we are in representing the world’s leading artists”.

Luke has always been drawn to the sea and his personal work is dominated with coastal views and English seascapes. “I try to capture some of the rhythm and timeless beauty of Britain’s coastline that has remained unchanged for centuries”. Aside from teaching and selling, his professional interests include the psychology of seeing and the preservation and restoration of vintage photographs. He is fascinated by the psychology of selling art and is heavily involved in a research project exploring the link between the eye and the brain, to try and help professional artists gain a competetive advantage in an increasingly saturated market of amateur photographers. “This visual dance that we all go through when we look at a photograph is fascinating, and holds vital clues as to why we are drawn to buy a particular piece of art”.

Luke also heads a team of archivists currently restoring a collection of historically important English coastal landscapes which is due to be published in 2017/18. He is hugely enthusiastic about the Bosham Creek as a creative space for improving one’s photography and leads a series of workshops on behalf of Light & Land within Chichester Harbour. His team in Bosham take pride in laying on first-class food and hospitality so you are guaranteed a good day out at the coast. Bosham is a two hour journey from London.

Luke was educated at King’s College School in Wimbledon and Cambridge University. He lives in Emsworth with his wife Sally and their son Tom. Outside of photography, his dream ambition is to own a small fishing boat and catch seabass within Chichester Harbour “One day I’d love to moor up at East Head with a haul of fish and cook supper on West Wittering beach. I’ve always loved rugby too and it would be wonderful to watch England play in Paris and Rome.” 

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