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Matt Anderson is a professional photographer and Getty Images contributor from Madison, Wisconsin, US. He studied at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. For the past 25 years he has been an industry trainer and production artist in photography, post production, printmaking, digital asset management, and custom workflows. In his career, he works with high-profile advertising agencies, marketing companies, and Fortune 500 clients who are focused on unparalleled quality of digital content, photography, and media. Matt’s images have been licensed by hundreds of global businesses including Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Samsung,  LG, ESPN and more. His world-class imagery, mastery of print production, and superior quality materials have made his exclusive gallery prints a success. His relentless drive toward excellence, attention to detail, and mastery of all things photographic allow his fine art prints to set a new standard. 

"My passion is capturing compositions of our beautiful world through the camera lens, and presented in the amazing fine art prints, we as artists, have the privilege to create. I've spent over two decades learning and refining my skills in photography and in fine art printing. I look forward to sharing my knowledge, skills, and experiences with others interested in this wonderful art. “

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