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Nathan Wake Nathan Wake

Nathan Wake has been with Fujifilm UK working across digital and print service for over 18 years. His interest in photography doesn’t stop at his 9-5 job though, he is a multi-award winning photographer in his own right, specialising in fine art landscape and long exposure photography.

His images have been collecting Gold awards from the SWPP for a number of years. Nathan is a regular leader of training and demonstration days both for Fujifilm and many retail outlets across the UK and Ireland.

Enjoying a busy family and work life Nathan enjoys the space and solitude his photography gives him.

Because of his role within Fujifilm digital Nathan has vast experience in adapting Fujifilm equipment for a variety uses and is a leading technical expert on all aspects of the Fujifilm system, that coupled with his boundless creative energy and enthusiasm  makes him an inspiring photographer and mentor.  Nathan will be leading several workshops for Light and Land in partnership with Fujifilm.

Light and Land

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