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Terry Gibbins Terry Gibbins

Terry is a licensed London cabbie as well as a professional photographer.

He studied photography at college, then spent 15 years working in a pro lab environment. He then set about learning The Knowledge in order to become a London taxi driver. He is now part of a very successful team running photo workshops in London, where he combines his love of photography and his intimate knowledge of our beautiful capital. 

He first joined Light and Land in 2014 when he partnered Doug Chinnery on the very popular 'London - Light and Life'.

A city boy at heart, he is equally at home in the hustle and bustle of the metropolis as the peaceful tranquility of the rural landscape. His eminent London taxi has been spotted on locations from the South Downs to Northumberland.

His work has been featured regularly in photographic publications and in 2015 exhibited alongside our own Valda Bailey in Brighton.

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