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The Last Headhunters - Nagaland Photography Tour

  • 29th Mar - 11th Apr, 2025

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Nagaland and the Aoleang Festival

This will be a truly memorable experience for just 6 participants, who will visit and photograph tribes and villages that are way off the beaten track. We will have with us at every stage a local English speaking guide who will also brief us on the history of the locality as we capture these soon to be lost villages and the Konyak tribal people. Our Nagaland tour will begin in Guwahati where we will photograph the pilgrims who visit Lord Shiva’s famous Kamakhya temple. We will then make our way through Kaziranga National Park and on to Mon, Longwa and Sivasagar. Our highlight will be the Aoleang Festival, which takes place in several villages at the beginning of April.

The Last Headhunters - Nagaland Photography Tour

The most intriguing of the Nagalander tribes are the Konyaks who are recognised by their tattooed faces. They have a history of headhunting other local tribes in fierce battles, but not to worry - that stopped in 1960!

Our local guide (Vishal) will ensure that we have ample opportunity to both mingle and explore their unique culture and traditions, entering their homes and spending time with them, and photographing these unique tribal people.

The Last Headhunters - Nagaland Photography Tour
The Last Headhunters - Nagaland Photography Tour

During the first few days of our visit to Mon and Longwa we will witness the Aoleang festival, which always takes place during he first week of April.

The Aoleang festival differs from the Hornbill festival ,which is mainly a tourist event, in that it is an authentic tribal festival organised by the Konyak people to welcome the new year and pray for a good harvest. During the Aoleang festival many rituals take place including dancing, feasting and sacrifices that are meant to appease the divine spirits in order to bless the land with a good harvest.

The first 3 days are spent with preparations, weaving traditional cloths and preparing food, rice wine and beer for the festival, whilst the 4th day of Aoleang is the most important and interesting as the whole day is spent dancing, singing and feasting as a community with their indigenous dances symbolising the tribe's history as headhunters

The Last Headhunters - Nagaland Photography Tour
The Last Headhunters - Nagaland Photography Tour

Our tour will include a visit to the Kamakhya Temple. Counted among the most sacred shaktipeethas (devotional shrines where the severed body parts of Goddess Sati fell), the temple is believed to be the place where the womb of the goddess fell. Thus, it is also synonymous with supreme female power and fertility.

Kaziranga National Park is a national park in Assam, which hosts two thirds of the world's great one-horned rhinoceros. It is a World Heritage Site. When there we will have the opportunity to photograph the rhinos along with other wildlife in the park, either on elephant back or by jeep. 

During our tour, we will drive through several large tea plantations, stopping where we see locals picking the green tea leaves with baskets on their backs.

Your tutor Mark Seymour will be at hand at all times to ensure you will return with images to treasure.

  • Included

    • Accommodation on single occupancy basis in carefully selected hotels

    • Airport transfers from Guwahati Airport

    • Transport during the tour

    • English-speaking guide throughout

    • Local taxes and permits

    • Tuition from Mark Seymour

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    • International flights

    • Meals not mentioned

    • Insurance

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