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The Outer Hebrides Photography Tour

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  • 20th - 26th March, 2025

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Our Outer Hebrides photography tour will take place in March 2025 with Phil Malpas. The Outer Hebrides are a group of 15 inhabited and hundreds of uninhabited islands off the northwestern coast of Scotland. From Barra Head in the south to the Butt of Lewis in the north, it is approximately 130 miles and although many of the southern islands are now joined by road, it still requires two ferry journeys to travel the islands from top to bottom.

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The Outer Hebrides Photography Tour

The Outer Hebrides Photography Tour
Also known as the Western Isles, they form a barrier between the mainland and the awesome power of the North Atlantic Ocean. The Hebrides are truly at the edge of Europe, to the west there is nothing but the tiny archipelago of St. Kilda and three thousand miles of storm ridden ocean before landfall on the eastern shores of Canada. There is no doubt that this group of islands present the photographer with opportunities unlike any others in the UK. They are windswept, craggy, beautiful and even today, remote. Not only are they geographically and geologically distinct, they are also culturally very different from the Scottish mainland.

The island of Lewis and Harris, often referred to as two separate islands, is the third largest island in the British Isles (after Great Britain and Ireland) with Lewis being the home to the largest population area, the town of Stornaway which also has the island’s main airport. 

The Outer Hebrides Photography Tour

Modern communication with the mainland is frequent, but despite this the islands are just remote enough to maintain their own, unique character. The majority of the population still speak Gaelic, despite an 1872 Act which tried to outlaw it and the local brand of Christianity is well known for its stubborn observation of the Sabbath. The Hebridean people are, without doubt, the most welcoming people you will ever meet. There is a phrase used locally “Never knock and never lock”; strangers are welcomed with open arms and there exists an intense sense of community with all the benefits of feeling bound to one’s neighbour and secure from external threats.

Our base in Tarbert will allow us to explore the western coasts of the main islands where some of the most pristine and beautiful white sand beaches and dune systems anywhere in the world are a paradise for the landscape photographer. We will, of course, spend time at iconic locations such as Luskentyre, Scarista and Callanish as well as many more lesser known but no less beautiful places that will inspire and challenge, and push your photography to a new level. In common with other truly special places these wild and empty vistas benefit from the always stunning situation where the mountains come down to the sea. Steeped in ancient history, standing stones and ancient monuments rival the best on the planet, the most famous of which, the Callanish Stones are situated in a most fitting location for the ancient work of man.

Outer Hebrides Landscape Photography
Outer Hebrides Photography Holiday

At the beginning of each day, Phil will advise you of the planned itinerary. On arrival at each location, he will give you a detailed description of the photographic opportunities on offer. You will have ample time to explore each location and Phil will be at your side to help you make the most of the beautiful scenery whatever the prevailing conditions. We will travel between locations in a comfortable minibus. A reasonable level of fitness will be needed to access some of the locations.

At all times we will design our itinerary to make the most of prevailing conditions and available light which may require early starts and late finishes to each day.

This tour is limited to six participants.

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