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The Streets Of Venice Photography Tour

  • 27th - 31st May, 2024

  • £2,199.00 / £400.00 Deposit

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Our Streets of Venice photography tour will take place in May 2024 with Mark Seymour and Flavio Bosi.

Venice always inspires romantic images of canals, suggestive alleys and small bridges, gondolas and sleek wooden-clad water taxis. A photographer’s bliss. There are many people to photograph: not only tourists, but also the wonderful locals that you can find as soon as you venture out of the usual tourist routes. Venice is a street photography heaven, with beautiful backgrounds everywhere you turn, moments and scenes unfolding in front of your eyes everywhere you look and behind every corner.

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Venice Photography Tour - Streets of Venice Photography
We will be walking through the alleys and streets of Venice every day, visiting some of the most beautiful areas and getting inspired by this iconic city. During the tour, we will visit most Sestieres (the districts of Venice) and their unique locations that will make for wonderful photographic opportunities. From Piazza San Marco (St Mark’s Square) to the Rialto Bridge, from the Cannaregio canals to the Peggy Guggenheim museum, all the way to Burano and its multicoloured houses, we will portray the never ending flow of life and moments happening on the suggestive stage called Venice.

The Streets Of Venice Photography Tour
The Streets Of Venice Photography Tour

We will also venture outside of the main tourist thoroughfares as much as possible and concentrate on what the real Venice is, with its people and activities, small canals and bridges, and enjoy the truly magical atmosphere of this 1200-year-old city.

We will concentrate on finding great backdrops for the scene to unfold in front of us, getting closer to people, planning our shot well and craft balanced and well composed images. The moment, the gesture, the interaction: we will concentrate on getting the shot exactly at the right time to really elevate the image.

There is no other city like Venice in the world: you will get to know it at a deeper level and come away from it with fond memories and incredible photographs.

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    • Tuition from Mark Seymour and Flavio Bosi

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