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Edinburgh Fringe Street Photography Tour

  • 13th - 14th August, 2024

  • £895.00 / £200.00 Deposit

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Our Edinburgh Fringe street photography tour will coincide with the famous annual Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August, and will be led by Mark Seymour and Flavio Bosi.

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival draws an eclectic abundance of weird, wonderful, and interesting performers to photograph on the street. But what will really capture your attention is the interaction between the performers and their audiences, with the historic buildings of Edinburgh providing a wonderful backdrop to the myriad of cultural and bizarre artistic interpretations you find yourself confronted by.  We will be there to document it all with our camera.

Mark & Flavio will share with you their approach to shooting events and help you hone your own photography skills to be able to consider the impact of composition, lighting, angles and positioning to enable you to capture the characters and spectacle of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Included is a 1-hour zoom session to review your pictures after the tour.

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Edinburgh Fringe Street Photography Tour

Edinburgh Fringe Street Photography Tour
Our Edinburgh Fringe photography tour will be concentrating on documenting the artists, the public and their interactions in a street photography style. The Fringe Festival presents us with many acts along the streets at every time of day, an incredible number of quirky and interesting characters, droves of tourists and spectators. This will create endless opportunities for us to create a set of images that tells the story of the festival, making it an exciting playground for the photographer, rife with opportunities to create rich and interesting compositions.

We will meet in the morning of the first day to introduce ourselves and for an initial briefing in which Mark and Flavio will talk about what to look for, how to compose the images, the techniques that will help you get the best results over the two days. We will then set out to explore the streets of the Fringe Festival and start shooting. Mark and Flavio will always be with one of the attendees each to allow for plenty of 1-to-1 time with each participant over the two days.

Mark and Flavio will help you to get more confident in getting close to people and create more intimate frames, work the scenes and wait for that decisive moment and frame it in in the most effective way.

Edinburgh Fringe Photography Tour

Jugglers, acrobats, clowns, musicians and everything in between: these acts performed on the street and the circles of spectators around them will create a wonderful backdrop to document a festival that is fascinating and exciting at the same time.

Within a week of the end of the tour Mark and Flavio will review 5 of the best images for every participant on a group Zoom call: this is one of the most important learning experiences of the tour. You will understand what works, why and what the strengths and weaknesses of your images are. You will also learn from everyone else’s images. This is a powerful tool for improving your photography and we can’t stress enough the importance of participating.

The tours led by Mark and Flavio are based on street, travel and documentary photography.

 Mark and Flavio aim to take the participants to the next level in their photographic journey. The tours are structured in a way that will enable the participant not only to photograph extensively, but also to practice all the techniques and tips that are taught at the beginning of each tour. Mark and Flavio pride themselves in offering extensive 1-to-1 tutoring time with each of the participants, helping each of them in their personal journey in the street, travel and documentary photography style. Image editing, processing and reviewing are another area where Mark and Flavio will help the participants improve their final output, be it a book or simply their own personal enjoyment.

Participating in a tour with Mark and Flavio will make you become a better photographer.

Edinburgh Fringe Photography Workshop

What gear will be needed?

We normally shoot light with one camera body and a single prime lens. Any camera model/make will be fine, but we encourage the use of a prime lens of choice, among 28mm, 35mm or 50mm in full frame terms (that would be around 18mm, 23mm and 35mm in APS-C terms). If you only have a zoom lens it’s fine, but we strongly encourage you to decide a focal length for the day and stick to it.

Spare batteries, two is better, and charged! Spare SD cards, formatted, enough memory to take a lot of images. No flash, tripods, long and telephoto lenses will be needed: travel light and you will enjoy the day much more.

Included is a 1-hour zoom session to review your pictures after the tour.

NOTE: It will be possible to book this tour without hotel accommodation. Please email the office for more information or to arrange that.

  • Included

    • Accommodation on 13 August - Single Occupancy. Can be booked without. Please see note in description.

    • Breakfast

    • Public Transport fares between hotel and town centre

    • Tuition from Mark Seymour and Flavio Bosi

    • A 1-hour zoom session after the tour for the group to discuss images

  • Excluded

    • Travel to hotel for tour start and return home at the end of the tour

    • Meals not mentioned

    • Insurance


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